Advanced Motorcycling

The following information refers to IAMs but may be similar for RoSPA also.

Taking the advanced rider test: –

You’ll meet up with your examiner at an agreed location. There are over 300 IAM examiners around the UK.

You take the test on your own motorcycle, which must be road legal.

A valid driving licence, insurance policy and MOT certificate (if required) must be presented before the test can begin.

The test takes about 90 minutes and covers 35 to 40 miles.

The route will encorporate all types of roads and conditions: Motorways (where possible) dual carriageways, country roads and urban streets.

You should ride the way you have been shown by your fleet trainer or volunteer observer.

You should always stick to the speed limits, whilst riding as progressively as conditions allow.

You may be asked to demonstrate some simple, slow speed manoeuvring skills.

At the end, the examiner – who will be a trained police motorcycle rider and advanced car driver – will tell you whether you will be recommended for full membership. If you are not recommended you can retake the test at a later date.

The test is presented in a friendly, non intimidating way.

A few minor faults don’t preclude you from becoming a full IAM member, but infringements of the law will not be condoned.