I am being asked by riders who wish to help, what do they need to have training wise to become a Blood Bike rider? I thought that it would be best to have a separate section on training to let every one know up front what we all need to have.

Riders will be required to have an advanced riding qualification from either I.A.Ms or have a RoSPA silver grade if its RoSPA you go with, We do not differentiate between the two organisations, all we ask is that you go with your preferred trainer. Riders must have an advanced qualification before they can be considered for shifts, this is also relevant for riders using their own bikes if suited and proof of MOT and insurance must be provided.

All prospective riders must also undergo MHRA training which Blood Bikes Scotland will undertake, before riders can become a full member of the group.

We already have qualified observers within the Blood Bikes who have said that they would be willing to take new riders out on assessment rides to see how we need to improve our riding or not as the case may be.

At this point in time I.A.Ms training will cost each of us £139 and as soon as I have the information I will let you all know how much RoSPA will cost and then leave the decision to each of you.

I hope that this will clarify what the riders have to have in the way of training to be able to ride one of our dedicated Blood Bikes.

Ron Spalding
Vice Chairman.

Vicki Butler Henderson introduces I A M training.

Video from 2009, competition has now ended.