Training with I.A.M


When volunteering to be a Blood Bike Rider you will be
expected to have the road skills of an advanced rider, this will involve each
rider undertaking the I.A.M Skill for Life course.

Put quite simply, the IAM course offers the opportunity for bikers to
improve their riding standards, helping to make them safer on the roads.

Thousands of motorcyclists take the advanced riding programme (Skill for
Life) every year.

The advanced test Is one of the fantastic benefits of an enthusiastic
and highly motivated volunteer network that is, in most instances, the IAM
local group volunteer observer, who will be happy to provide more observed runs
if needed, at no extra cost to the £139 purchase price of Skill for Life,
although there may be an additional contribution requested for fuel for your
IAM Motorcycle observer.

We are currently trying to negotiate with I.A.M. to get a block price
for all of our riders And hopefully bring this cost down to a more beneficial level, so stay
in touch with this site to see what happens.

I feel that it can only be of benefit to all of us riders whether we
wish to be blood bike riders or just help in the back ground to keep the group

Thanks for reading

Ron Spalding.

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