Thanks to all our volunteers. 2017.

Over the Christmas period we handled 125 call outs in our area, all of these were dealt with and brought to satisfactory conclusions. On one occasion we had to use the pool car as weather was just too bad for the bikes, as the day went on we were able to get out on two wheels as the sun eventually made an appearance.

Great response from all whom we had the pleasure of meeting throughout all the hospitals that we dealt with! once again great job and well done to all our volunteers.


Huge News!






Carole Nash Presentation! 2015.

Leading motorcycle insurers celebrate birthday with donation to local groups.

Motorbike insurance brokers Carole Nash are celebrating their 30th anniversary this month, and to mark the milestone, have made a £6,000 donation to Blood Bikes Scotland EVS – with another five groups across the country on the receiving end of a similar gesture.

The rapid response motorcycle based charity, run by unpaid volunteers, move life-saving blood products and other vital supplies to hospitals up and down the UK.

The money has been invested in a Honda Pan European ST 1300, which has joined the group’s existing fleet of 2 bikes.

Blood Bikes Scotland’s Chairman, Steven Quintus, said: “All of the work carried out by our volunteers is financed by charitable donations, we don’t receive any government funding. As such every penny is crucial and we’re extremely grateful to Carole Nash for such a generous gesture, which is going to make a big difference to what our group can achieve.”

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing of Carole Nash, said: “We wouldn’t be celebrating such a milestone anniversary weren’t it for the incredible support of the biking community over the years. As a company we’re always looking for ways to give something back and have, for instance, been associated with our local Blood Bikes branch in Manchester for some time.

“As part of our 30th birthday celebrations we decided to extend our support to other regions, all of which combine to help save hundreds of lives each year. We’re very honored to be working hand-in-hand with Steven and the fantastic volunteers at Blood Bikes Scotland.”

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Officially entered into the Scottish charity register, our number is  SC042970,

Blood Bikes Scotland have taken delivery of our third bike, first the Pan ST1100 then An ST1300 Honda Pan European, now thanks to Carole Nash Insurance we have another ST1300 Honda Pan European. Just recently we have taken delivery of our first vehicle with four wheels, a Subaru 2 ltr GX Impreza. This vehicle will allow us to carry on assisting the hospitals in our area when the weather is too bad for the bikes to attend call outs.

Thank you to all who made this possible from Ron Spalding Steve Quintus and the rest of the team at Blood Bikes Scotland.

Why Blood Bikes?

Blood Bikes have been a feature in the UK since 1969. In recent years the number of blood bike groups has grown significantly and there are now hundreds of motorcyclists who freely volunteer their time to the service. People often ask why a blood service is needed and what it is that we actually do. If you look at the aims of all the blood bike groups you will see some common themes:

  1. Saving money for the NHS
  2. Saving lives

So why should blood bike groups do this? It is very simple – if they didn’t then more money would have to be found from the taxpayer. Blood bike volunteers give their time, and sometimes their own money, freely. In 2010, just one  group made 2,500 deliveries and travelled over 100,000 miles at a cost of around £25,000 all of which was paid for by charitable donations. If the NHS had used taxis for the same journeys it would have cost more than £120,000. If hospitals had tried to do it using their own motorcycles and paid staff it would have cost closer to £300,000.

There are 59 hospitals in our area, and if each hospital spent the average of £20,000 per year on out of hours transportation, the total bill for NHS in our area would be £1,180.000.We can do this for free !

Ron Spalding (Vice Chairman)

Blood Bikes Scotland.