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April at he AGM a special thanks to students at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh for producing this fantastic video for Blood Bikes Scotland. WE LOVE IT!

April got off to a good start with an awareness presence at the 2018 Carole Nash Motorcycle Show Ingliston.  Thanks to all the volunteers that appeared to assist on the day.  One of the best things was that more than 30 people signed up as volunteers!!







































Still March, a HUGE Thank you has to go out to BMW Motorrad Central Dalkeith. Namely Martin Williamson, Dirty Demo’s instructor who gave up a whole weekend to devote to providing the Blood Bikes Scotland crew with some extremely valuable Off Road Riding Skills. These skills will assist with some precarious situations that Blood Bikers find they have to deal with. Joined by Martin’s two “lovely” assistants, Peter Rogers aka the Stig and Sales Manager David Brown they tirelessly repeated instruction and coaching over both Sat and Sunday. A tremendous amount of fun was had by all, clearly visible from the cheesy grins and huge smiles as everyone completed the drills on the slalom course and then the trail itself. THANK YOU MARTIN!!!






March is proving to be a bumper month for Blood Bikes Scotland, along with the fantastic fundraising can rattling the guys do the Flow Centre & BBS Race night went down a Treat! A huge effort has gone onto the organisation, co-ordination and delivery of the event from ticket sales, raffle prize gathering, raffle ticket sales, prize allocating, meeting and greeting, hosting, etc, etc, the list goes on and on.  A huge thank you to family Baxter and their extended family of supporters without whom this charity would not be what it is today.

BBS Race night 7 BBS Race night 6 BBS Race night 5 BBS Race night 3 BBS Race night 2 BBS Race night 1 BBS Race night 4

March also saw the addition of two, yes two new bikes to the fleet, both BMW’s, not showing any favouritism here other brands are also available, but they do look after us.  More details to follow on the fleet pages, watch this space.

On top of all this Blood Bikes Scotland is also working alongside a group of Film and Media Students who are currently working on a film project and BBS has been chosen as the subject matter.  Filming is currently underway at various locations throughout Edinburgh and some outer areas to capture some of our best sides.  Again watch this space!

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Well what a start to March, the weather forecasts have been correct and the snow did come.  This brought a new role to the Blood Bikes Scotland team now taking to the roads in their own personal 4 x 4 vehicles.  Items to be transported are not only the all important baby milk and other vital specimens that we usually carry  but now NHS personnel!  A rang of doctors and nurses from all over Edinburgh who need to get to and from work are being shuttled by our very own guys,  Well done guys!!  they even made Sky news!!




February 2018

This month has been a very steady month with the weather being on our side.  Regular rides are forecast and a happy crew please to be out on the bikes.

January 2018

It’s been quite a month for the Blood Bike Scotland Team in the Borders. (Our customer is the Borders NHS).
We did 2,016 miles ~ our biggest ever monthly total. These were spread over 24 runs at various times of the day & night. 24 may not sound a lot but it means the average run was 84 miles long, not bad going in the weather we’ve had down here in the last few weeks. (we did think of buying a snowmobile at one point 😊)
We also carried our biggest ever consignment. When we picked up samples at the lab on an after hours run bound for the Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, the technician said there were 100 samples in the satchel and asked us to keep them safe (which we did).
We are chuffed that we have contributed to the smooth running of the NHS in the Borders, helped their patients and generated a good level of savings which can be ploughed back into the NHS.
Remember we did not charge the NHS a penny piece for our service which, down here, runs 24x7x365. We are all unpaid volunteers.
If anybody would like to help us make it even better by working with us as fundraiser, controller or rider (you need to be an advanced rider such as IAM Roadsmart, ROSPA or ex services) then please send an e-mail to our website. (info@bloodbikesscotland.co.uk). We are always looking for help.

Dec 2017

Note from the Chair

Hi All, Just wanted to close out the year with a huge and humble Thank You to everyone for all the work and all the support to Blood Bikes Scotland during the year.  It has been quite a journey as they say!  This time last year we just started running in the Lothians along with the established Borders service.  I don’t have exact numbers to hand in terms of data from that time but a few of interesting comparisons:

We had 3 bikes in the group, 2 Pans and a ST1100 (retired).  We now have a fleet of 5 bikes including the nearly new BMW RT and new CEvolution electric scooter.  We are embarking on a 2 – 3 year rolling plan to replace and increase our fleet numbers.

In December we have just completed 234 runs for the month in Lothian! Total runs in the year for Lothian since startup is 1505! In the Borders December has been a busy month as well with 20 runs complete and nearly 1500 miles covered, many in some pretty challenging weather conditions!  Welcome to the team on his first ‘real run’ today to Richard Stables.

We were recognised in NHS Celebrating Success as Volunteer of the Year.  We have seen Scottish Parliamentary motions noting what we do. Former Chairman Steve Quintus was recognised by MotorCycle News.

We have participated in so many amazing fundraising activities from Rail Bridge abseiling to Ken Laidlaw marshalling and tin collections at many local events and retailers.  Thank You there to everyone who has given up the time to support all of those.  We will be looking to do the same again next year, so watch out for some events and invites.  There is the Scottish Bike Show and a Race night in March for starters.

I would also like to Thank everyone, especially the folks on the Committee who have taken on additional roles and contributed much to the running of the Group.  I never really appreciated how much work is needed behind the scenes.

Finally the last and biggest Thank You to my wife Anne.  When I started riding Blood Bikes last year Anne offered to cover Controller for 1 shift.  When I took on the Chairman role from Steve, Anne has been amazing in her support to the group.  The additional funds from grants, Gift Aid, Bank Accounts online, accounts in shape that Douglas Home reduced their fees for last years accounts – to name but a few.

So Happy New Year to everyone and I hope 2018 is a great year for the best Blood Bikes team out there.

Best Wishes

John Baxter

Morrison’s Foundation £20,000 Grant

June 2017

An AMAZING day at Blood Bikes Scotland. Today some of our team were at Morrison’s at Edinburgh Gyle shopping centre to collect a VERY generous cheque for £20,000 from the Morrison’s Foundation. We will use this to add a couple of much needed new Blood Bikes to our fleet. Many many thanks to the fantastic generosity of Morrison’s.








Carole Nash Presentation – 2015.

Leading motorcycle insurers celebrate birthday with donation to local groups.

Motorbike insurance brokers Carole Nash are celebrating their 30th anniversary this month, and to mark the milestone, have made a £6,000 donation to Blood Bikes Scotland EVS – with another five groups across the country on the receiving end of a similar gesture.

The rapid response motorcycle based charity, run by unpaid volunteers, move life-saving blood products and other vital supplies to hospitals up and down the UK.

The money has been invested in a Honda Pan European ST 1300, which has joined the group’s existing fleet of 2 bikes.

Blood Bikes Scotland’s Chairman said: “All of the work carried out by our volunteers is financed by charitable donations, we don’t receive any government funding. As such every penny is crucial and we’re extremely grateful to Carole Nash for such a generous gesture, which is going to make a big difference to what our group can achieve.”

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing of Carole Nash, said: “We wouldn’t be celebrating such a milestone anniversary weren’t it for the incredible support of the biking community over the years. As a company we’re always looking for ways to give something back and have, for instance, been associated with our local Blood Bikes branch in Manchester for some time.

“As part of our 30th birthday celebrations we decided to extend our support to other regions, all of which combine to help save hundreds of lives each year. We’re very honored to be working hand-in-hand with Steven Quintus and the fantastic volunteers at Blood Bikes Scotland.”

For further information on Carole Nash’s charity work and to view more images, visithttps://www.carolenash.com/charity

To support your local Blood Bikes group please visitwww.bloodbikesscotland.co.uk