Become a Blood Bikes Scotland Volunteer

Our charity relies on a dedicated team of volunteer controllers, riders and drivers 

Would you like to contribute to the work of Blood Bikes Scotland by playing an active hands-on part in what we do? We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers who are looking to put something back into their community and have skills and time to give. While many of our volunteers are looking to combine a passion for motorcycling with providing a valuable service to the NHS, not all our heroes are bikers.

Our controllers are an essential part of what we do and play an equally important role. They work from home and can be based anywhere – all they need is a mobile phone and a computer with a reliable internet connection. 


Here's how you can help.

Rider or Driver

To join us as a Blood Bikes Scotland rider or driver you need be between the ages of 25 and 70, have a full UK driving licence (Category A for riders) with no more than 3 penalty points, and hold an Advanced rider/driver qualification issued by IAM RoadSmart or RoSPA, or current certification from a UK Police Constabulary.

If you haven’t yet passed your advanced test, we can put you in touch with IAM or RoSPA groups in your area. And while you’re waiting to achieve that all-important pass, why not consider joining us as a controller?

Our selection process begins with an informal interview followed by online training and a knowledge test. Successful candidates then undertake a ride/drive with a qualified assessor. Initial training concludes with an orientation shadow-ride/drive with an experienced Blood Bikes Scotland rider prior to new volunteers taking up their duties. 

Please note that while all our riders are authorised to drive our cars, you must hold an advanced motorcycle qualification to ride our bikes even if you have passed an advanced car test. 

For more information, please get in touch. To apply to join us as a volunteer rider or driver, please complete our online application form.

Alan's Story

My interest in Blood bikes was kindled by an advertisement looking for riders in June 2017. After having experienced some first-class service from the NHS myself – and with my passion for all things two-wheeled – I was looking to do some voluntary work and thought this would be perfect for me.

After completing my on-boarding and an orientation ride shadowing an experienced volunteer, I was allowed to book my first solo shift. I found I was working with an experienced controller and came home feeling I had made a real difference. After over six years, I have a good understanding of the charity and how it operates, and have since become part of the on-boarding team. More recently I have moved up to being a Duty Committee Member and take my turn at ensuring shifts are manned and everything runs smoothly during my duty weeks.

I get great satisfaction from knowing I’m helping NHS Scotland to look after patients whilst also keeping its costs down – and all whilst being able to indulge my enjoyment of riding motorcycles!


Anyone with a methodical and organised mindset can be a controller. You just need access to a mobile phone, a computer with reliable internet service, and have a few hours that you would like to use to support Blood Bikes Scotland each month. Controllers are the first point of contact and the liaison between the NHS and our riders and drivers.

They take the instructions, schedule the jobs and then pass the details to our riders and drivers. All jobs are accurately logged to ensure we have a record of our deliveries and full traceability of each item we carry.

You will sometimes be controlling more than one region during a shift, so it’s important that you can manage a full workload when things get busy. We often carry out relays between our NHS regions and with other Blood Bikes charities, when you will be liaising with your colleagues and counterparts to ensure that handovers are completed successfully. A Duty Committee Member will always be on hand to support you in the event that you need assistance or guidance. 

For more information, please get in touch. To apply to join us as a volunteer controller, please complete our online application form.

Natasha's Story

I’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of the care provided by NHS Scotland, and now being effectively medically retired, it didn't take much for one of Blood Bikes Scotland’s members to persuade me to join the team as a much-needed volunteer controller.

As a Controller, I get to work from home and choose which and how many shifts I do. There's no obligation to fill the downtime with BBS work – you can read the papers, sing, or learn a language if you like – as long as you're ready for the next call. And there's always backup from experienced and supportive colleagues – you are never working on your own.

Personally, I view it as a professional commitment in the same way as I would a "proper” paid job. And in return for giving my time, working for the charity gives me back a massive sense of purpose and usefulness. Plus, it helps keep the bats out of the belfry, so to speak – with human contact on the phones with colleagues and NHS staff, and in person at fundraising events, I get plenty of mental stimulation!

Every shift is different. Some are quiet, some are busy, and some are crazily hectic. But I enjoy them all, working for such a wonderful worthwhile charity and a brilliant team!