Are you interested in volunteering as a rider, driver, controller or fundraiser? We are currently recruiting Controllers across ALL AREAS (Lothian, Borders, Fife, Tayside and Forth Valley), as well as Riders and Drivers in the all areas, other than Tayide.

You dont need to be a motorbike rider/car driver to help - ANYONE can be a home based Controller and you can be based ANYWHERE - you just need access to a phone and a computer! And we are always looking for enthusiastic Fundraisers! If you can offer a few hours a month, please complete the online application form below and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: We are currently operating a waiting list for Tayside Riders/Drivers but please complete the online application to register your interest. You can always start by volunteering as a Controller to get the lay of the land until a Rider/Driver space opens up!

How to become a Blood Bike Scotland volunteer

Are you looking to combine your passion for motorcycling with providing a valuable service to the community? Indeed - you dont need to be a motorcycle rider or driver to support Blood Bikes Scotland - we also have Controller and Fundraiser roles that are equally as vital!

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Rider / Driver

To be a Blood Bikes Scotland rider/driver you have to have a full driving license and have passed an Advanced Rider/driver Competency test either with IAM, The Institute of Advanced Motoring or ROSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Riders/drivers use bikes/cars supplied by the charity. If you dont have an Advanced Rider/driver Test, why not join us as a Controller whilst you sit your test?!


Anyone can be a controller, you just need access to a mobile phone and a computer and have a few hours that you would like to use to support the NHS each month. Controllers are the first point of contact and the liaison between the NHS and the our riders and drivers. They take the instructions and then pass that on to our riders and drivers. Contact is usually via phone and text. All jobs are recorded to ensure we have a record of our deliveries. Controllers can be riders or drivers but you dont have to be a rider or driver to be a controller! Many of our controllers are not riders/drivers but are keen to support the NHS in some practical way by giving up a few hours per month to support the charity. Its a role that you can do from home!

Ron Spalding


Fundraising is a key element of the charity, all time and effort provided by the riders/drivers/controllers and their families and friends is voluntary. Fundraising activities might include collections at local stores such as Dobbies Garden Centre, IKEA, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys supermarkets or more strategic approaches (should you have that interest/capability - we are always open to new ideas!). 100% of funds raised go directly to the charity and are mainly used to fund the running and maintenance costs of the bikes/cars.

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